Hello and welcome to GBF, the intersecting point in the interwebs where finance ceases to be boring and starts to be entertaining (and now available in low-calorie versions!). This site began with one simple idea: make finance a topic that can be laughed about but also taken as seriously as it would if it were delivered on the last words given by your WWII veteran grandfather.

In these parts, we tackle any and all topics related to finances. We’ll discuss how to make more money, save more money, invest with greater confidence, and much more. And while our originally targeted audience was the younger generation, don’t feel like you need to turn away and run off to a more sternly worded website just because you’re already losing your hair. All ages, shapes, sizes, and intelligent alien life forms are welcome here. As long as you come with an open mind, a supportive heart, and an appetite to grow, you’ll always be welcome on this website (unless you’re with the CIA and you’re investigating the disappearance of your genetically engineered super sloth that we’re definitely not employing at our local office as a janitor named, “Tim”).


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“BD” – Founder, Content Writer, Local Grizzly

Frugal figurehead of GBF with an all too expensive education in psychology and sociology. Possesses a passion for helping people with their finances, a toolbox of unlimited dad jokes, and an obsession for living a life well lived. Father of one, husband to his one and only. Forever encapsulated in the study of the next ill-understood financial mishap.



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