Cheap Eats: “GC” Sandwich

Eating; it's one item on an unquestionably short list of things that we must do in order to survive (see also: breathing, sleeping, and cooing at service dogs). And while some of us are experts at clearing this task without breaking the budget, others in our populous struggle with it more than my dad with … Continue reading Cheap Eats: “GC” Sandwich

Fasting and Finance

When you bring up the topic of personal finance and saving money, one of the last things you might think to cover is how the technique of intermittent fasting could be beneficial in your financial life. But why not? We talk about how much money we're all spending on food on a seemingly everyday basis. … Continue reading Fasting and Finance

Vital Leadership Qualities

Having trouble going from one job level up to the next? Join the club! Now more than ever, management positions are hard to come by and entry-level and mid-professional level positions are all too abundant. This can make it that much more crucial to be on the top of your game when that desirable management … Continue reading Vital Leadership Qualities

Cheap Hobby: Fishing

What is it about being surrounded by nature that can be so incredibly relaxing? Is it the fresh scent of pine trees? Is it the sound of the birds as they wake up from their slumber? Or is it the sound of that familiar tune of the banjo coming from around those trees that reminds … Continue reading Cheap Hobby: Fishing

Optimizing Your Phone Bill

It’s been a long time and coming but we’ve finally reached the point where we have to talk about cell phones and our technological overlords who own the companies who shower them upon us. Whether you love them or hate them, these services appear to be here to stay. But with cell phone bills constantly … Continue reading Optimizing Your Phone Bill

Buying During a Bubble

Let’s face it, lots of housing markets in the U.S. are currently stuck in monstrous bubbles that seem to be just about ready to go belly up. If you’re a seller, you couldn’t hope for much better when it comes to closing down your house, taking the money, and running for the hills. On the … Continue reading Buying During a Bubble

Premarital Money Musts

Money and marriage: two words that stick together like glue but for some reason aren’t talked about in the same sentence as much as they should be. However, if you’re about to get married or plan to get married at any point in your life, money is a topic that will be covered whether you … Continue reading Premarital Money Musts