5 Perfect Dollar Store Buys

Ever spend any time in your friendly neighborhood dollar store? If not, you might want to start. Beyond some of the more useless and clearly overstocked items (like that knock off fidget spinner that doesn’t spin), there are tons of perfectly bargain priced ones ready to be loaded into the back of your mom’s flashy pink Jeep.

Here are five dollar store purchases that might be worth your time:

Kid’s Activity Items:

If you have a little one running around and possibly destroying anything that gets into their puree encrusted hands, the dollar store is a location that can’t be overlooked. Between cheap coloring books, giant bouncy balls, stickers, action figures, and balloons, you’ll have more distractions that you don’t care about in your household than you can keep track of. This way the next time you hear the familiar sound of a crunch or pop, you can rest easy knowing that the item that has now met its untimely demise is just one dollar away from being replaced.

House Supplies:

If you’re spending more than a dollar on most of your regularly used household goods, you’re probably wasting your money. At the dollar store, you can find almost all of your constantly depleting supplies for much cheaper than even the big box store can offer. I’m talking about soaps, paper towels, cleaning supplies, sponges, and much more. Want a hand towel or oven mitt with a chicken on it? They’ve got you covered!


College Dorm/First Apartment Items:

If you’re helping your child, sibling, friends, or younger cloned version of yourself with moving into their first apartment or dorm room, you’ll quickly find that you need a lot of random things that your household already had stocked that you took for granted. Hand towels, bowls, utensils, weird containers to act as a replacement for your junk drawer. The dollar store can provide all of it. And hey, you’re probably going to either break it all or throw it away when you upscale your life after you’ve moved on to your next act. So why not only have to spend a dollar a piece on it?

Party Supplies:

Planning on hosting a get together to watch who will win the heart of that unlovable bachelorette? Odds are, you’ll be needing a few party supplies so that you have an easier cleanup after your friends (those lovable slobs) disappear and leave you with the mess. Cheap and recyclable plates, cups, and utensils are always in abundance at dollar stores. Additionally, you’ll be able to load your cart with balloons, tacky theme items, and a random kid’s toy that you can use as a cake topper or prize for the one who guesses how many cheesy lines the male lead can try to land with little success. Who knew trash television could be so much fun?!


Halloween is always just around the corner and I’m sure you’re looking for the cheapest way to get the most candy so you don’t become the house on your block that gets egged for handing out expired gumdrops. Worry not! The dollar store is one of the best places to load up on name brand candy at bargain prices. This will ensure that trick or treaters can spend more time marveling at your awesome dinosaur-that-ate-the-lawyer-in-Jurassic-Park costume and less time slinging yo’ mama jokes in your general direction.

And that’s it for today. If you’ve enjoyed this read or you have more items that you think should be added to the list, consider commenting below, hitting the subscribe button, or sending us a photoshopped picture of a munchkin cat fighting an ogre. The choice is yours!

Until next time,


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