Five Summer Side Hustles

Summer lovin’, had me a blast! Summer lovin’, lost money so fast. These may not be the correct frou frou song lyrics from the hit movie, “Grease”. But they do sing a song of summer – a song that ends in less money in your bank account. And while you could always just toss your worries onto your nearest credit card, it might (definitely!) be a better idea to find a side gig for summer to pull free cash from to fund your next firework propelled jet ski excursion. And lucky for you, I’ve done some research on what your next summer side hustle can be!

Side Gig #1: Hit the farmer’s market

Grab your Stay Puft Marshmallow Man apron, your mom’s blender, and your food handler’s permit and head down to your local farmer’s market to cash in on one of the easiest summer side gigs. Farmer’s markets draw huge crowds and they cost next to nothing to reserve booth space for. Whether you’re going to head out there with your mother’s cookie recipe, a barrel of homemade stuffed animals, or a lineup of pan-galactic gargle blasters (not recommended), as long as you have a winning personality and are willing to give some time on Saturday morning, you should be able to pull in a decent profit.


Side Gig #2: Car Wash

You know what summer brings most of? Bird doo-doo. With so many animals actively flying about, it’s no surprise that your neighborhood’s cars may look a whole lot like a twister mat with all sorts of wonderful colors of bat guano. This creates an opportunity for the man or woman who may be willing to go from house to house with a bucket and something to scrub with.

And this is one of the cheapest side gigs with next to no startup costs and very little costs to continue business. All you will need is a cheap bucket, some soap, and a good cloth that can be used to wash and dry. For my own household, I use a Mighty Cleaner (link: With it, I can simply bring down a bucket with water and soap and use the one towel to both wash and dry for a nice clean finish. And best of all, it doesn’t scratch, it lasts a long time (mine is five years old and still works like new), and there’s nothing that could stop me from being able to go from house to house in our neighborhood with it. As long as I could carry the amount of water I put in it, it’s as mobile as can be.

Now that’s what I call service! And don’t forget – we live in a relatively lazy society. Where it could be just as simple to go to a normal cash wash, nothing beats someone literally showing up at your house, offering to give your car a hand wash (no androids or machines required!), and it could cost them even a dollar or so less (to stay competitive). You may also be a known friendly face if you have a standing relationship with the populous of your community. Who could say no?

Grab some cheap business cards from Vistaprint (a stack of cheap cards usually runs something like $10 for 500 or so) and leave them on some doors. List your contact information, your price (it helps if you’re cheaper than the closest competitor’s price), and your email or phone number so that they can contact you to have you stop on by.

Side Gig #3: Window Washing

With the return of warm weather comes the act of tidying up. And since a lot of homeowners are inviting their friends and family over for BBQs and fireworks (USA! USA! USA!), that means that the outside of the home needs to be as clean as the inside when company arrives.

One big item that a lot of homeowners may neglect is window washing. While they’ve been busy mowing their lawns, picking up their gardens, and washing the driveway, they may have completely missed their huge bay windows or their second story pollen encrusted bedroom ports. This leaves an opportunity for you to shine!

After a quick trip to Walmart or a swift order to Amazon, you can buy an extending pole  (link: with a cleaning attachment to get to the windows that are normally out of reach. With this, you can offer to spit shine (people still do this… right?) some windows to put the final touches on their home makeover before their demonic mother-in-law crash lands.

Side Gig #4: Micro Farming

With the health movement and the high cost of organic foods comes a new market – a market hungry for home planted foods that haven’t been tainted by loads of harsh chemicals. That’s where you come in. Seeds cost next to nothing and starting seed pods is incredibly easy, even for those without a green thumb (or those with no thumbs at all!). As long as you have a bit of space in your house, you can head down use just about any container (as long as it has necessary drainage) to start seeds right in your living room.

By growing plants from a packet of seeds (that should cost $1 or less for 50-100 seeds), you can turn that tiny load in cost into some real cash by turning the product. Once each seed has grown to a decent size, you can start pawning them off on Facebook for a few bucks each for a quick turn around.

Side Gig #5: Wedding Videography

Last but certainly not least, let’s all remember that the most common theme of summer is a completely outrageous, budget bursting wedding. And where there’s a wedding, there’s a bridezilla who wants her wedding on film (and a to-be husband who can’t say no!). Grab your video camera and start searching for wedding groups on social media in your area to find couples who want someone to film their big day on a budget. You’d be surprised how many folks don’t care how much experience you have. They mainly just care that you’ll be there to catch their favorite moments and that the sound/video are working! Caution: this can be a money pit if you try to get the best equipment to work with. If you don’t have a camera already, aim for a modest set up with quality sound and decent video (Sony and Cannon make loads of different models that will do nicely).

And there you have it – five quality side gigs that are hot and ready for summer! If you’ve got some gusto, a little bit of time, and you’re not too busy watching movies about hybrid dinosaurs that want to whisper sweet nothings to Chris Pratt, your summer could yield a bit more dough.

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