Drink Coffee, Save Money

It’s taken me awhile to figure out where I want to start with this website. Like all great endeavors or quests, it all starts with an idea. And the core reason for this website revolves around providing the readers with real substance (other than the glass of Cayman Jack that I’m currently drinking).

That being said, I want to jump in on a topic that I have harped about to all of my friends. Coffee. You heard me correct – coffee. That all too delicious brown brew of the Gods that most of us so eagerly gulp down at every chance we get.


Of all the consumer jibberish, this of all things seems to have filtered its way into us most of all (no pun intended… wait. Who the hell am I kidding? Of course it’s intended!). Each and every morning, like little slaves to the brown life-providing liquid, we zombie walk our way to the coffee maker and pray to our lord and savior, Starbucks, to provide us with our day, our daily drink. And while this act in itself seems to get us out the door and on to work, without our knowledge, it has created a bomb in our brains that needs to have the little red wire clipped every couple hours lest our bodies blow up and crash into the oblivion of sleep.

Once our hour of high impact energy is up and we’ve left the immediate vicinity of our coffee makers, we find ourselves tempted by the familiar craving of the fallen god, House Blend. Its siren call reaches out to us and we must quench her unrelenting thirst. But without our financially reasonable hero, the chivalrous knight, Mr. Coffee, we find ourselves gravitating toward a series of actions that subsequently destroy our bank accounts.

Say it isn’t so?!

But I do say it. All too often, we find ourselves draining our wallets for that $6 frap with the $1 tip added so that the friendly barista, Stephanie (are there any baristas that aren’t named Stephanie?!) will hardline that baby right into the nearest vein. By the end of the month, you’re left with a huge hole in your bank account where your craving for energy used to be.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on telling you that you need to stop drinking coffee. Instead, I offer an alternative – one that will pair excellently with your hipster tattoo of a refrigerator on the side of your abdomen.

It’s sleek(ish), it’s sexy(ish), and it comes with a handle!


Yes, it may reflect your gorgeous shadowy eyes back at you while you try to give it the smolder. But it can also be used to store your coffee in a light and sturdy vessel with which to satiate you throughout your day. Upgraded by modern science, this metal capsule that vaguely resembles Samus’s arm cannon (any Metroid fans out there?!) can keep your coffee hot for up to 12-24 hours while you chug from it like your meager yearly raise depends on it.

But will it really save you enough money to buy that sweet new whip that your uncle has been telling you that you should buy? Well, it just depends on how much of the sweet brown nectar you’re used to ingesting. Seen below is some spreadsheet porn that your eyes can fixate on.


As you can easily see, moving to a thermos that you can truck to your workplace instead of stomaching overpriced barista-made coffee is a no-brainer. In one month, you can save over $100 with just this one change in your typical schedule. But paired with other money saving ideas and a semi-decent hold on your newly freed up cash, you can pay down those student loans that you’ve been dying to vanquish (seriously, they’re not going away) or you can spend that money on something else you’ve been wanting to waste it on. The choice is yours!

Either way, if you are wanting to unload a few pennies into grabbing one of these space-age coffee receptacles, or if you need to buy a Mr. Coffee and reusable filter to make your homemade brew on the cheap, you can do so with the links provided:

Thermos: https://amzn.to/2LiwlyV

Mr. Coffee: https://amzn.to/2Lkxmqr

Reusable Mr. Coffee Filter: https://amzn.to/2IWYqO4

All of this being said, I don’t want to pretend that my wife and I never pick up a cup of the good stuff when we go to the Tar-Jay (or T-town or Le Target as some may call it). Instead, we just make sure that when we do have the barista-provided stuff, we only get the drinks that we would have a lot more trouble making at home (See Section 4/A: mocha frap soy no whip extra caramel with chocolate sprinkles and three shots of RAWRGWARI’MALIVE!).


The good stuff.

And maybe that’s a good way for you to run your coffee addiction as well. Jus’ sayin’. You could save some dough.

Until next time,



(affiliate links provided for products listed)

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